Mats Göthe, PhD

In this Portfolio I summarize  accomplishments over more than 20 years at Rational and IBM

My experiences from several positions in Design, Development, Architecture, Product Management, Sales, and Services have given me a foundation to work with clients needs, solution values and with development teams, in driving solution strategies through innovation, design and development.


My primary superpower is to research complex structures, transform into simple concepts of design, and  clearly communicate and lead the design using client driven scenarios


As a researcher, my second superpower to quickly build credibility with the clients’ teams and establish personal relationships with client business leaders and technical staff members. This enables me to get access to volumes of information required to articulating our customer-centric design strategies


My third superpower is my broad background across science, academia, design, architecture, development, services, sales and management. It provides a good intuition to good, bad and ugly and its implications for our business

Design projects