Systems Lifecycle Management

Systems Lifecycle Management is the process integration between system and software engineering disciplines, traceability of artifact relationships, and use of project transparency and reporting in the IBM system and software engineering solution. It modernises Systems Engineering with new collaborative and agile methods from CLM@scale.

Systems Lifecycle Management Scenarios

The Systems Lifecycle Management scenario was designed as an extension to the core CALM@scale scenario. This decision was based on the importance to our sponsors to modernize Systems Engineering with new collaborative and agile methods.

Collaborative Lifecycle Management Information Model

The artefact information model used by the IoT Collaborative Engineering solution, is radically different compared to classic schema based change management models like Rational Clear Quest. The CLM artefact model is defined by a network of linked and related artefacts, each with its individual state model. This article discusses the differences between the two models and the innovative thinking in the Jazz platform.

Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management with IBM Rational Products

IBM Redbooks

An IBM blueprint for Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management. Green-thread reference scenario showing the Agility-at-Scale approach. IBM Jazz products incorporated into an enterprise solution

Workbench for Systems and Software Engineering

IBM Redbooks

This new IBM Redpaper is intended for systems delivery teams who require an integrated solution for systems life cycle management for systems and software engineering.

Collaborative ALM Interoperability White-paper

Published at IBM DeveloperWorks

This white-paper provides guidance to enterprise teams adopting new Jazz based tools to improve their team performance. Such teams are often expected to stay integrated with existing project or corporate change management workflows and require tool interoperability that integrates the new and existing change management tool solutions

Designing Systems Practitioner Productivity Improvements

IBM Innovate 2013 Conference

This session starts by listing the roles presumed involved in the SSE solution.Key scenarios for practitioner productivity are discussed. Design improvements are presented and reviewed with the attendees. Areas of additional practitioner productivity discussed

SSE Solution Validation and Design Playback

IBM Innovate 2013 Conference

Design studio like group session to validate SSE solu4on scenarios, key personas and UX storyboards

Improving Enterprise Change Management

Ericsson Rational User Conference 2009

This session will present the new C/ALM integrations for Enterprise Change Management between Rational ClearQuest, Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager delivered in 2009

CQALM and Jazz Interoperability Presentation

Rational Software User Conference 2009

Scenarios and practices for an integrated Application Lifecycle Management solution using the ClearQuest ALM schema and the Jazz products Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager

Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management

Ericsson Rational User Conference 2008

Application Lifecycle Management is an integral part of the Ericsson development processes.

Jazz Festival Roadshow

Jazz Festival 2008

Are you a part of a global development with distributed development teams across geographic regions and timezones? Or are you part of a small local teams with members across departments, workflows and objectives? Regardless of your organisational type we can help you achieve your objectives as individuals and as a team.

Agile Team Development with Jazz

Rational Software Developer Conference Comes to You

Update on IBM Rational Strategy on Agile Team Development with Jazz.