Lab Introduction

In this hands-on lab, you will get a practical introduction to the use of dashboards in IBM Maximo Asset Monitor.

You will start by exploring the sources of data that you will monitor. In this lab, we will use data from simulated industry robots. You will then learn the steps of configuring an operational dashboard for monitoring the metrics, trends, and anomaly alerts from your robots. You will use the monitor dashboard presentation techniques of value cards, graph cards, table cards, and image cards with hot spots. You will also explore summary dashboards that provide data aggregation and filtering to monitor your performance KPIs.



The ACME_Robot dashboard above shows the final dashboard state of the lab. You have added cards to the dashboard that monitor the current operational metrics of the robot, an image of the robot with data drill-in hot-spots, an alert table with detected anomalies in the robot data, and finally time-series graphs showing the current and historical operational metrics with alert overlays.

Lab Material

View the lab instructions below, or download them for remove reading.


Download lab handbook

Download dashboard JSON files