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Policymakers are accelerating actions for global and regional sustainability goals. Regulatory requirements and compliance deadlines require data on consumption and emissions to be measured, audited, and reported. Goals are set with targets on reductions of resources consumed while also improving the operational efficiencies in manufacturing, asset management, and supply chain. Companies are innovating a more resilient, sustainable business ready for emerging opportunities in a sustainable world.

Organizations need to transition to infrastructure for sustainable operations with intelligent asset management, monitoring, and predictive maintenance. Improving asset efficiency and extending the life of equipment, buildings, and more. Enhancing grid efficiency, safety, and reliability with climate risks and intelligent asset management for energy and utilities. And implementing smart metering to lower costs, improve data quality through automation. And reducing waste and getting better supply-chain visibility into complex Scope 3 emissions.

Sustainability organizations need to accelerate the adoption of sustainability strategies, define goals, track conservation projects and report on KPIs using data from connected operational platforms to meet government regulations and corporate net-zero objectives.