Monitor Personas – Bryan, Operator
“I can find the root-cause of an anomaly by prioritizing alerts and trouble-shooting data across multiple systems with 100.000’s of IO points and take early actions to prevent a costly M$ crisis”

Bryan, the Operator

Bryan is an Operator in a remote operations control center in an asset-intensive industry. He works shifts and is assigned monitor responsibilities on one or more sites with control systems up to 100.000 IO points each. His organization needs to scale operations using a more automated solution designed to find the issues before an alert is triggered in the control system so he can mitigate issues and impact before damage occurs or production halts. He needs real-time visibility, root-cause troubleshooting, and AI-driven alerts at scale.


Mobile Multiple screens  Multiple screens  Devices

Experience 5-7 years of experience

Education Master’s degree in Engineering

Multiple screens Control system consoles, Maximo Suite, Email / SMS

Soft skills










  • Monitors assigned systems
  • Prioritizes and Validates alerts 
  • Notifies and Escalates
  • Documents incidents

Pain Points

  • Overflow of alerts from multiple co-occurring critical situations
  • Visibility to data
  • Structure, organization, and navigation to related data in a hierarchically decomposed system
  • Analyze expected vs actual data trends
  • Work effectively with remote engineers


  • Access to system and asset state, through control systems, and equipment sensors
  • Data analytics notifying me of abnormalities in equipment sensors data
  • Access to historical data and alerts to analyze trends and root causes and access to historical incidents and the root causes, actions, and resolutions
  • Collaboration with my engineers acting as my hands and eye on the facility floor


  • Monitors one or more systems
  • Prioritizes alerts and notifications
  • Validates alerts and root-causes
  • Assesses risks and impact
  • Takes actions
  • Learns and improves


  • Manage my 10+ industry systems
  • Keep my list of alerts down
  • Assess severity, criticality, and risks to
  • production
  • Minimize downtime, damage, the risk to personnel
  • Notify and engage others early

Pain-Points / Frustrations (current tools)

  • Lack of data to stay ahead of problems
  • Lack of notifications on anomalies and trends
  • Depends on the control system and control system alerts
  • Depends on engineers on the floor to validate issues and root causes
  • Access to operational instructions
  • Understand operational risks and impact 

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Key Stakeholders

Monitor Personas – Bryan, Operator


Bryan depends on the following key stakeholders

  • Application Administrator
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Maintenance Engineer / Technician