• Driving Sustainability initiatives with GreenLight by Deloitte
  • IBM Sustainability Software Integration Accelerators
  • Green Investments for Sustainability
  • Panel Discussion

Green Investments for Sustainability


How is sustainability impacting your capital projects? Your investment projects is one viewpoint to PLAN, EXECUTE, MONITOR and REPORT on your sustainability strategy and goals. With this session we want to discover your experiences in the parameters you use for identifying, estimating, tracking and reporting on your green investment projects.

Takeaways from workshop

  • Facility level parameters mostly considered for sustainability project prioritization.
  • Space consolidation and optimization remains the biggest motivators.
  • Different building information models and frameworks makes mapping facility level parameters to sustainability parameters challenging.
  • ESG data is scattered and managed by business and operational personas across the organizational hierarchy in ways that can support such sustainability decisions.
  • Organizations are not utilizing green clauses for lease and vendor management.
  • Organizations are strategizing their sustainability programs to meet reporting requirements, rather than its environmental impact.

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